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Welcome to the first ever Chicago-Kent Student Academic Blog! The goal of this blog is twofold: to provide an outlet for discussion and legal analysis for the Chicago-Kent student body and increase our school’s web presence. With your support in viewing, commenting and writing, this blog will be a success.

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Tristan Lamb and I worked with the school’s faculty over winter break to launch this project. We want to thank both the school and professors Sarah Harding and Christopher Buccafusco for agreeing to be the first faculty advisors for this project and for their assistance and suggestions in launching and managing this blog. In case you are not aware, the faculty has their own blog, the Chicago-Kent Faculty Blog here: http://blogs.kentlaw.edu/faculty/.

This blog will initially be managed and moderated by Tristan and me. There will be small, daily posts regarding items of interest to the student body. At least weekly there will be a longer article posted. These longer articles will be authored by Chicago-Kent students and will, we hope, be intellectually stimulating but short enough to keep your attention. The first series of three articles will be on Corporate Personhood. Other topics in the works include everything from intellectual property to school law.

I encourage each and every one of you to post comments, suggestions and criticisms. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy before doing so; you are agreeing to it by posting a comment. As with almost all blogs comments will be moderated.

Finally, I want to encourage anyone who wants to write a longer article to contact me. It is not a big commitment and we would love to have you on the team.

Thank you for checking out the blog. Come back Monday, February 22, to see the first blog posts.

-Mark Berardi

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