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In the name of safety…

O’Hare Airport is about to give air passengers a new reason to fly out of Midway Airport: full-body scanners. These are the same type of full-body scanners that failed to detect the explosives in the underwear of the infamous Underwear Bomber; mainly because passengers of flights headed for the U.S. were not to be placed in these machines. The reason? The U.S. has a thing called the right of privacy. Click HERE for full details.

Apparently, this concern has been brushed aside for the ever-increasing issues with air safety in the U.S.  The scanners will only be used as a second stage screening.  That is, if you fail the pass through the magnetometer, you will get to try out the new body scanner. If you do not want to, you can always elect for the old fashioned “pat down” method. As bad as a pat down sounds, is it really worse than something the ACLU calls a “virtual strip search”?

Of course, flying is not a right and obviously security measures need to be implemented. It just becomes problematic when rights are slowly chipped away in the name of safety. For a country that is seemingly afraid of “big brother”, we have been increasingly complacent when it comes to our privacy being phased out. A great example would be the thousands of cameras around the City of Chicago. From the CPD blue light cameras to the cheap camera outside of the CVS, our right to privacy duels with our desire for safety, or the illusion thereof.

So, what do you think?

-Mark Berardi

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