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U.S. Eases Sanctions on Certain “Axis of Evil” Countries

The U.S. Department of Treasury has announced plans to ease sanctions on Cuba, Sudan and Iran. According to a BBC article, seen here, U.S. technology companies will now be able to offer their services to these countries. This seems to be an effort to open up the cyber-U.S. to these countries and its citizens.

This should boost the revenue for many internet companies in the U.S. since they will be servicing a new customer base. However, not many people in these specific countries have internet access yet. The relaxed sanctions may cause internet access to be more readily accessible by the citizens of these countries since U.S. firms can get involved. Nevertheless, this move should certainly help the U.S.’s image abroad and allow families and supporters of movements to connect with others in these countries.

This will be especially true in Iran. When Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected, the dissenters used social media and networking tools to get their voices heard. In these countries, state-run media controls what the world and its citizens know. With U.S. technology firms now allowed to cultivate their products in these countries, it should allow more ease of access to dissenting groups and undermine the state-run media. All in all, this eased restriction should help everyone involved.

-Mark Berardi

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