Acceptable Use Policy

Academic Blog Acceptable Use Policy:

  1. While registration for commenting will not be required, anonymous posts will not be allowed. Some form of identification is necessary, such as “Lawyer from Florida” or “Law Student from Illinois”. The blog will retain the power to institute a registration system if it is needed in the future.
  2. Spam will not be allowed. Whether a specific comment is spam or not is up to the discretion of the moderator. If you feel that your message was improperly blocked, feel free to contact the moderators. Moderators will use their best judgment. If a comment is contested, the blog board will convene and vote to determine whether a comment has been improperly blocked. Consultation with the faculty advisor will be the last resort.
  3. A non-exclusive list of content potentially subject to editing or removal includes:
    1. Excessive off-topic conversations
    2. Comments posted merely to annoy or create inconvenience
    3. Personal attacks, threats, slurs, or abusive language
    4. Commercial or advertising material (however, mentioning a book or article relevant to the topic would not fall under this rubric)
    5. Posting personal information relating to third parties without their consent or for malicious purposes
    6. Random or irrelevant material as determined by the blog moderators
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